He started DJing and producing at the age of 16 and has been doing it for 10 years now.He plays different kinds of music such as Electro Dance Music,Pop,Lounge and other types of music.To avoid having a confused fans he tried to use different nicknames under each type of music that he does.But,he has a strong passion for Electro Dance Music and his passion for this music is getting stronger as the days pass by.Because of that he use his real name for this type of music.

How it all began

He was born on December 16, 1985 in Yamaguchi,Japan.At a young age, his life was already influenced by music.When he was 12 years old he visited the USA and Canada alone for 1 month.At that time he was exposed to foreign music.Since then he started to like foreign music and was inspired to write more Electro Dance Music.During that time he also started DJing but only practiced in an instrumental shop.
He started to work in restaurant at the age of 15 and he used the money he earned to buy a phonograph.
Finaly he made a break when he got the job as a DJ at the age of 16.At the same time he started learning to produce and compose tracks.Since then he strated to produce other types of music from dance music to pop,lounge and so on.And tried other possible music.To promote his music he used to organize a party every month in the club.Because of those parties his music became popular to foreigners.He made a deal with a Japanese music label at 22 years old.Since then he has been learning to produce different kinds of music and was able to release original CD album.He also went to another country to play DJ and he collaborated with a Clothing line to organize his event.
Now that he is a freelance he wants to try to share his music internationally.